ProVision Benefits


Staff members on the ProVision team enjoy a full range of benefits:


Flexible Health Spending Account


A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a flexible benefit plan that helps to support our need for a healthy and productive life.

An HSA works like a bank account that is established in trust for each employee, and it is available to them exclusively for the purpose of their health-care spending.

Staff Appreciation Programs


Effort and results are part of our everyday existence. Recognizing drive and achievement is an important part of the ProVision culture. We recognize and reward our employees for their efforts and years of service with prizes or special events on a regular basis. In addition, outstanding achievers of the group are rewarded each year.



Giving back to the community is an important and rewarding aspect of our culture at ProVision. Corporate and staff donations are given to a variety of worthwhile causes, including:

  •     Daily Bread Food Bank
  •     TD Securities Children’s Charity
  •     David Suzuki Foundation
  •     Toronto Children’s Breakfast Club
  •     Toronto Environmental Alliance
  •     Planned Parenthood of Toronto
  •     Jobstart   

Many of our employees regularly participate in community-based volunteer and/or fundraising activities.

Social Event


Opportunities to celebrate a new milestone or a new employee’s first day are a fun way for us to spend time together relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.  There are also informal social gatherings throughout the year that provide a chance for everyone to connect outside of the workplace.