IT Contract Services

Need a niche subject matter expert to supplement internal knowledge?

Looking to augment your IT team with temporary resources and deliver a project on time?


ProVision can quickly provide your hiring managers with the best IT contract staff available in the marketplace.

Our clients have diverse needs across the spectrum of technologies and positions, and demand quick response to cover IT contract requirements ranging from days to months, sometimes years. Staff augmentation, or contract services, provides the flexibility needed to ramp up for projects or to supplement the full-time workforce without affecting Full Time Employment (FTE) budgets.

Our value proposition includes: a large and trusted community of subject matter experts, a delivery framework with the structure and defined processes to maintain a high volume of service delivery, and a relationship management skill set that gives our clients and candidates leverage in the marketplace.



Clients enjoy the following benefits while working with ProVision for their IT contract needs:


  • Client Needs Assessment & Customized Delivery – ProVision’s desire to solve unique client problems has produced innovative internal processes and technologies that allow us to capitalize on industry changes. We strive to understand our clients each and every time they ask for our services to solve the immediate needs, and to anticipate future trends.
  • Cost-Effective Services – ProVision embraces a continuous process improvement effort to affect the cost of service delivery, and to improve the metrics that are measured for Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance. Clients of all sizes are looking for similar response times and choices for their immediate staffing needs.
  • TalentBench Methodology – ProVision sourcing and recruitment teams employ a consistent approach to identifying, qualifying and presenting eligible IT contract candidates. Sourcing and pre-screening, behavioral interviews, technical benchmarking and reference assessment are employed to determine ideal talent matches for our clients. Targeted recruiting is conducted for specialized profiles, and is performed by our senior recruitment staff to manage the added complexity.
  • Client Protection – ProVision maintains Professional Liability Insurance for Errors & Omissions, General Liability and Crime Prevention Insurance for all candidates on contract, protecting our clients and meeting Master Service Level commitments at or above the highest standards required.
  • Relationship-centred Best Practices – ProVision values all relationships and advocates for both clients and candidates to ensure that all stakeholders are included in the process. We pay our IT contract candidates through direct deposit by the 7th business day each month; we provide support for candidates’ independent business requirements; we manage feedback to ensure quality is improved; and we have a long-term horizon for relationships.


ProVision also offers Contract to Hire, Payrolling and Full Time Employment (Permanent Placement). Our staffing specialists would be pleased to assist you in determining the right option to solve your unique requirement.