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ProVision brings together the best elements of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Staffing. We provide job seekers exceptional opportunity for new challenges and change. Our clients expect us to deliver qualified individuals for both IT contract staffing and IT permanent staffing because they trust the relationships we have built with them.


Our people, and our relationships with them, are key to your success. We welcome your interest and look forward to working together.



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Why Provision?

  • We hold Master Services Agreements with many organizations including Canadian Banks and Insurance companies, Provincial, Federal and Municipal governments as well as Software Vendors and Consulting companies.
  • We provide IT contract staffing services as a multiple Vendor of Record holder for the Ontario Public Sector (OPS), the Federal government, as well as several broader public sector (BPS) organizations.
  • Our experienced Account Managers are constantly engaging with clients to ensure we always have the type of IT staffing opportunity you want.
  • Our client list is extensive and, on average, we have over 150 open IT jobs available for review on our website. Online Registration is a breeze and will get you connected faster.
  • Our first step is to understand your career goals, skills and working preferences. We will work to move your career forward by highlighting your talents which keeps you at the top of the list for suitable opportunities with our dedicated Account Managers and Recruitment teams.
  • We pay our candidate invoices bi-weekly or monthly, by direct deposit, so no holdbacks and no waiting for cheques to clear.
  • We are knowledgeable of the market rates which clients demand for contract and permanent IT staffing within all sectors and we will negotiate fair rates for you.
  • ProVision Account Managers and Recruiters are easy to reach by email or phone and will be there to assist you through your IT contract. There’s always someone to talk to.
  • We can provide the tools and resources to help you succeed.
  • Although we encourage you to have adequate insurance at all times we will provide free Comprehensive General Liability, Errors and Omissions and Crime insurance while you are under contract with ProVision.


These benchmarks become the foundation for value-added relationships, which in turn lead to successful outcomes for everyone. These are just some of the reasons why ProVision should be at the top of your list when looking for your next IT job.


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