My relationship with ProVision IT has been great. First Bob and now Judy have always made sure that the relationship between myself and my client has been smooth and problem free.

Jared Riley

Market Risk Support

ProVision IT's professionalism and loyalty to their contractors was what made me decide to sign with them ahead of other competing IT placement agencies.

ProVision IT (Courtney and Jeff) were the first to call me about this new position months in advance of the actual job call. They kept me updated weekly about the position ahead of other competing recruiters and they did not pressure me to be represented by them or sign on the dotted line right away until I had all the facts. I always felt they put my job requirements in the forefront of their negotiations.

My contract has been renewed twice with the OPS...great in these tough economic times! Thanks so much Courtney and Jeff!

Sue-Tina Kong

Training Specialist

I'm in my second contract with ProVision IT. I'm glad they have been able to secure my services with the Government of Ontario.

Working with ProVision IT has been easy, as they don't interfere with my work and most of all, they maintain a good relationship with the client and help me with the paperwork and contract negotiation.

Yves Racine

Project Manager

My experience with ProVision is very positive. Moving into a role as a sole proprietor has been very empowering, and the preparation and guidance provided by the staff at ProVision during the interview process was extremely helpful.

I look forward to a continued partnership with ProVision IT in the future.

Glendalynn Dixon

Excel Specialist

As an IT contractor, I look for an agency to represent me that reflects my business views - courtesy, fairness, promptness, professionalism, attention to detail. ProVision is that agency.

ProVision people look after me for the whole duration of my contract, not just the initial placement, and follow up after the contract is complete. Steve is always available for my questions. Kathy ensures that the administrative side of my contract goes smoothly, even when there are processing delays at the client site. Not worrying about this leaves me more time to concentrate on my tasks.

When my colleagues and I compare my experiences with ProVision against their agencies, I'm amazed at how unique ProVision is. I appreciate that.

Joe Capkun

Senior Unix Administrator

It has been pleasure for me to work with the ProVision staff. They have been very helpful and trustworthy in helping me obtain my very first contract. I look forward to working with them again in the future.


Implementation Support Specialist

I have been working with ProVision for about 10 years, and I consistently receive professional treatment from all of the members on their team. Most of all, I enjoyed being treated as a valuable resource that can bring experience and expertise to a client, not just "a body" to be placed in a (or any) position.

George Jucan

Senior Project Manager

I've dealt with many recruiting agencies throughout my professional life. My experience with ProVision so far is the longest and the best. They are professional, considerate and transparent.

They are always prompt in addressing issues and concerns as they come up.

Amr El-Nowehy

Application Developer

I began working with ProVision a year and a half ago. I would say that anyone who wants to work in a professional environment with professional people should talk to the team at ProVision.

Aftab Qasim

Service Desk Analyst

I have been working with ProVision for two years as a network engineer, and I am very pleased with their service. I would absolutely recommend ProVision. Thanks to all the staff.

Hamid Mohammadi

Network Engineer

I am a Project Manager contractor through ProVision. During my time dealing with ProVision, I have found them to be very professional, responsive and knowledgeable about my assignment. The ProVision team is a pleasure to deal with.

Patty Carman

Project Manager